Schellenberg Pottery

About the Artist

Sue's Story

I was born and raised in Chilliwack, a small town in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia and was fortunate enough to make a home for myself in my adult years in Yarrow. Yarrow is a suburb of Chilliwack which lets me enjoy the country life while still being close enough to the town I grew up in and loved.

I have been passionate about art since I was a small child. By my teen years I started to explore various other mediums. High school to me meant art class but unfortunately at that time everyone else thought of art as a way to escape academics. After high school there was no way for me to continue in my art studies, I had to go to work. Coming from a family of loggers and cedar shake splitters, this seemed to be the easiest way to go to make money. I worked for several years in cedar mills until my body could no longer take the strain.

At 26 years old I went to college to train for a physically easier way to make a living. After 2 years of business courses I was back in the work force, only this time I was sitting behind a desk. For 20 years I had a comfortable life as an administrator, bookkeeper & tax preparer, in the background there was always some form of craft as a hobby.

While exploring other art mediums I was always bothered by the fact that there wasn’t any longevity to the work. I thought what would these pieces look like in twenty or more years and knew that they would not have the same impact as when they were first made. Then I discovered clay and how the historical value of it has affected us throughout mankind’s history and it would have even more of an impact in hundreds of years to come.

In 2001 I first put my hands on a piece of clay and have never looked back. I took classes locally and found a new focus for my life.

After 10 years of working with clay, I found with my business experience, new found clay friends and determination I could start a small business and finally live the dream. It was the journey that brought me here and I don’t regret a moment of it, it makes the dream all that more incredible. If just one of my pieces still exists in one hundred years time, I’ll have accomplished what I’ve always dreamed and left a little piece of history behind.